Customer Policy


The customer has up to 48 hours prior to the start of the scheduled clean to cancel their cleaning appointment with Hip Maids LLC. Failure to do so will incur in a penalty fee of $75. Customer appointments are booked out weeks in advance, last minute cancellations constitute in loss of time and money for the company.

Payment and Booking

All customers must book their cleaning appointments with their credit card information. Hip Maids LLC currently only accepts payment online and via a valid credit card. No cash or checks are acceptable. Exceptions using cash are valid only when tipping the cleaner. No customers will be serviced without booking through our website ( Calling to verify available on a specific date does not guarantee future availability without booking online. Payment is processed by the following process: Customer enters name, address, cleaning information and credit card information to book cleaning; Prior to the cleaning, Hip Maids LLC puts a hold on credit card to ensure customer can pay Customer will be charged within 24 hours of cleaning Hip Maids LLC’s payment processor partner “Stripe” will process payment Bank statements should reflect our business name “Hip Maids LLC” upon charging Any issues with the credit card not charging must be rectified within 7 days. After that, legal action may be sought and pursue to ensure payment for rendered services

Addressing deficiencies in a cleaning

The cleaners do not leave until the customer is satisfied with the work, please take the opportunity to point out anything missing during this time. The customer knows the house much better than the cleaner (Especially during the first clean). In the eventuality that the customer is not satisfied with the clean afterwards, the customer has 24 hours to notify Hip Maids LLC management that there is an issue with the results of the cleaning. Hip Maids LLC shall immediately address the concerns. After 24 hours, there is no guarantee that Hip Maids LLC will fully address the customers concerns.

Preparedness and Obstructions

Hip Maids LLC shall do its best to remove debris and obstacles as they are able. However, if the property is not free of “significant obstructions” Hip Maids LLC is not responsible for missing spots. The customer should clear obstructions prior to the start of the clean. The property must have all utilities (“electricity and potable water”) connected prior to the cleaning.


All pets shall be secured, contained and/or restrained prior to beginning of cleaning. Hip Maids LLC is not responsible for anything that may occur by not doing so. This includes but not limited to attacks, pets getting lost, or damage incurred by the pet. Hip Maids LLC takes the safety of the cleaners very seriously.

Personal and Private Property

Hip Maids LLC respects the customers personal and private property. Hip Maids LLC cleaners backgrounds are criminally verified to ensure the customers safety. Any breach of trust will not be tolerated by Hip Maids LLC and will be handled severely.

Standard Clean versus Post Construction

At no fault of their own, customers at times confuse Post-Construction Cleaning versus Standard Home Cleaning. Hip Maids LLC considers construction debris regardless of scale to be a completely separate cleaning from standard home cleaning. Depending on the extent of work, residual debris can continue to fall even after a thorough initial clean. These jobs may take more than one day and thus are normally quoted different from the numbers seen on our website. Equipment used and overall time spent may vary.

Biohazard cleaning

Unfortunately, at this time we do not conduct these services. We do not clean blood, feces, urine, crime scenes, hospitals, nursing homes etc. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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